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006 – Lunch Date

Maybe she ain’t coming. Maybe she was just teasing me.
It’ll be really embarrassing if I’d get stood up here in this alfresco setting smack in the middle of the city where everybody is dining with somebody else. So loser-ish.

“Hi, Damien.” Upon hearing that I felt a sense of relief.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to make sure that I look good for you.” she matches her cheeky remark with a reassuring wink and a beautiful smile.

“It’s okay. I’m just so thrilled to have lunch with you.”

“Hmmn… How come you always know what to say at the right time? And I’m guessing that you always get away with lines like these to each and every woman you meet, right?” she probes me in such a way that it feels like a trick question.

“Uhhmnn, I really don’t know what you mean. I just try to be honest most of the time. Did I say anything wrong?”

“Hihihi. Oh Damien, no you didn’t say anything wrong. It’s just that I find you really charming, it’s rare nowadays to find guys like you who don’t chase women everyday.”

I could only smile at her after hearing that.

“Now I don’t know where to categorize you in my book.” she says.

“In your book?”

“I actually have a degree in literature. Being a receptionist in SYSACOM is actually a part of my research. So I have to put up with being this ‘Bimbo’ receptionist to see how men would actually react to a flirtatious colleague.” she discloses in a very passionate way.

“Interesting. But I don’t think that you’re such a bimbo, except for that stunt earlier. That was quite surprising. By the way, what will your book be called?”

“Hahaha. I agree that it was a bit drastic. But I have to know guys’ reactions from a first-hand point of view. I’ll probably entitle it ‘Disambiguation of men: a woman’s survival guide to office politics’ or something like that. What intrigues me is your reaction to it. Most of the guys would actually ask for a date or something. Some of them pretended not to notice it, but you, you’re quite different. That’s why I asked to have lunch with you because I find you interesting.” Maia says in such a scientist-like kind of way. If she wasn’t so gorgeous I’d probably find it really creepy.

“You find me interesting? Do you mean that in a ‘test subject’ kind of way?”

“Hihihihi. Oh don’t be like that Damien. I really find you interesting. And I want to get to know you more. Besides, it’s hard to find a sincere lunch buddy in that office where half of the women thinks I’m promiscuous and half the men are trying to get under my panties. If it’s not to much, may I ask you why you don’t find me attractive? Are you gay?”

That must be the most embarrassing question thrown at me the entire day.

“I’m not gay. I just find it inappropriate to flirt with colleagues. But if may say, I find you really attractive and it was really hard keeping a straight face this morning after what you did.”

“Hihihi. You are so cute. Now I want to seduce you even more just to know how long you can resist me. Don’t worry I won’t put this down on my book, this is a personal agenda of mine.” devilishly she smiles and brushes her leg against mine from under the table.

“Hahahaha. You are a very naughty lady. Adorable and devious at the same time. Should we order now? Or would you like to continue playing with your test subject?”

“Hmmnn, resisting me again huh? Well, don’t say to me that I didn’t give you a fair warning. Ok, let’s order, I’m so hungry.”

I wonder what she’s thinking of when she stares at me? What is it that lies beneath that seductive smile. Maybe she’s just testing me. I think she is.

Actually I wouldn’t mind being her guinea pig.

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One thought on “006 – Lunch Date

  1. Carla de Lena says:

    One wonders what you’re trying to say about men and women. If Maia is indeed an intelligent person as she says she is in the blog, why the need to act like a strumpet and pull a no panty-Britney stunt? Isn’t there a better way of getting someone’s attention without being too sexual?

    Now, the men. What’s Damien’s game? Is a 100 percent sensitive intelligent guy or is he bogged down by his Catholic ways?

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