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008 – Recurring Encounter

“Damien, would you do me a favor and accompany me back home?” It felt a little bit out of line but I guess I owe Jess that much.

“OK, anything to help cheer you up Jess.”

It feels so awkward sitting beside somebody inside a cab without uttering a single word. But there’s that certain feeling of peace and stillness as we both stare blankly outside the window and watch the world in a blur as we pass by.

“We’re here, would you like to have some coffee first?” asked Jess.

I have a vague picture in my mind to where this will be leading to. But I guess it’s just me thinking too much again.

“Sure, I guess a friendly banter over coffee would cap off the night just nice.”

But then my phone starts to ring…

“Hello, Damien here.”

“Hey this is John from the HR Department. The HRMS system crashed and we couldn’t seem to restore it. Would you be able to come down ASAP to fix it? We are rushing the payroll or this month.”

“As if I had a choice… I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Sorry Jess, HR just called up. The system just crashed and I need to go back there.”

“It’s okay, let’s just do it next time.” and in a movie-like manner she swiftly leans forward and kisses me, giving me no time to react she says “Go on. They’re waiting for their hero.”

Wow. I must say that it’s the only thing I could think of while I’m on the cab on my way back to the office. She’s such a nice lady underneath all that tough macho tomboy image. I just hope that she’s not really falling for me, I don’t think that I’m ready to get into another relationship anytime soon. All these teeny-bopper feelings brewing inside me reminds me of my emotional scars. I just can’t take it. It has been a few weeks since I last popped a ‘happy pill’, maybe I should have one now before I start acting-up again.

Alright. Back in the office.
Now to get things done so I could have a wonderfully long slumber when I get home. I starting to despise the way I always seem to sprint in the office hallway. It’s starting to resemble a track wherein I always find myself rushing through it every single time. But on the lighter side of things, I guess all these rushing and running helps me to stay fit.


And I bump into her again, the angel who stole my heart. She stares shockingly at me. I was a bit startled myself and couldn’t help but engage her beautiful green eyes. I can’t help it but tell her how beautiful they were.

“You have the most beautiful set of eyes I’ve ever seen in my entire life…”

And almost instantly she blushes in the most adorable way. Embracing the chunk of paperwork, that failed to scatter this time around, in her arms even tighter. Looking down to avoid my gaze. Hoping to change the awkwardness of the situation, I try to make her comfortable by cracking a joke.

“But we have to stop meeting like this, I’m afraid that you might end up in the emergency ward next time.”

She giggles. Whew…

“We were waiting for you at the HR department. The system crashed and we cannot resume our work.” she said in a very voice tone while looking at the floor.

“I know. Don’t worry, I’ll have everything back up for you guys so that you can meet your deadlines.” I replied then winked at her.

Then she gave a sweet smile. Whoa, I think those ‘happy pills’ are actually making me happy. Hahaha, I guess all those hours undergoing therapy wasn’t such a waste after all.

I follow her to their department, and as she walks in front of me I feel like following a trail of fragrant flowers blooming in spring. As if her perfume is seducing me to walk faster, closer to her. So tempted to feel her hair flow through my fingers. Simply irresistible.

“Uhm… we’re here. I’ll just leave you for a while and give you time to do your stuff” she tells me as she peeks at my face through her fringe. I can see her emerald eyes stare at mine.

“Oh.. okay. Just give me a couple of hours to debug this stuff.”

“Okay then. I’ll just be at my desk to work on other stuff while you do your magic.” she smiles then goes off.

This would’ve been an easy job to do. A routine. Something that I have done almost a million times. Only if I wasn’t so distracted, only if I could stop thinking of her so that I could finish this sooner…

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