Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

009 – Concede

It’s been an hour and a half since I started debugging this system. I’m getting nowhere with all these things in my mind. All I could think of is her scent, her eyes, her smile, her lips, her laughter… Aarrgh! Get a hold of yourself man. I’m really tired and I gotta finish this. I feel the effect of my medication wearing off from all the stress of not figuring out what to do. The more I try to fix the scripts, the more I mess the entire thing up.

“Just follow the modules, just follow the modules…” I keep telling myself. Maybe this is what artists call an artist block. Like my mind is so deprived of good or even productive ideas. I’m really stumped. Quite frustrated as well. Popping more of my pills will only make me work slower, and I’m getting sleepy already. Maybe a cup of coffee and my stale cigarettes would help my brain function properly again.

I find myself rushing to the pantry to get my caffeine fix, like an F1 machine hurrying to the pit stop so that it could get back on the race. Hmmn… I never realized how complicated choosing which coffee to make is, there are so many variants to choose from. Hazelnut, Mocha, Cappuccino, Espresso, Decaf, Orange flavored Cafe Latte? Hmn.. interesting, a bit to out-of-this-world but interesting. I think I’ll try this one.

“That one is nice.” I hear an angel’s voice approve of my whimsical choice.
“By the way my name is Yumi.” and she smiles at me then makes the same cup of coffee.

“Err… would you like to smoke at the ground floor?” I just had to ask her.
“I need a break. Try to clear my head from stress before I finish fixing the system.”

“Sure. But not on the ground floor. There’s another smoking area on the rooftop. It’s more peaceful there.”

“Oh, okay.”

So we hop on the lift and she presses on the 48th floor. Again the elevator music gives me the creeps. Reminding me of the days I’m rushing to beat the clock. I can’t help but stare at her reflection on the lift’s door.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asks and again starts to blush.

“I’m sorry I cannot help but look at you. You are so beautiful.” I can’t believe I just said that.

The entire lift suddenly became dead quiet, like my head is blocking the elevator music from diverting my attention from the awkwardness of the moment. I don’t know whether to apologize or crack a cheesy joke. She turns around to me, slaps me in the face and says “That’s for being so damn irresistible.”


She drops her mug on the floor. Grabs me by my shirt and pulls me closer to her. Stares me in the eyes then closes hers as her lips press against mine. I can feel my heart thump faster and faster. I can feel her breathe heavily as our tongues search for each other.


My mug drops on the floor. Then my hands seem to automatically navigate themselves from her shoulders down to her back feeling the contour of her body. I can feel her fingernails sink into my skin as I hold her firmer, slightly lifting her up till she’s on tip-toes. My goodness… her scent is so intoxicating. She gives off a faint moan as I kiss her neck and savor her scent.

“Damien… what are we doing?” she whispers.

“I don’t know. It just feels so good. Do you want me to stop?” I asked

Iiya, don’t stop”

I kiss her more passionately, like of those movies where long lost lovers finally have their scene where they finally meet each other after going against the world just to be back in each other’s arms. My tongues rappels from her lips down to her neck and shoulders. Yumi gives off another sexy moan as I try my best to beseech more of them with what I’m doing.

Yamete Kudasai, yamete… no…” breathing heavily she tells me.
“Damien please stop. We’re almost at the 48th.”

And so I did. With so much reluctance we tried to keep our composure, straighten up our clothes, and tried to look like nothing transpired before the lift door opens. And just before the lift door she gives me a kiss.

I step out of the lift and pull out my stale cigarettes from my pocket, quickly light it up and take my first drag. Almost not even noticing that she wasn’t out of the lift yet. I turn around and gesture an invitation to her.

“Damien, I have to go. Gomenasai. I’ll explain why some other time. Bye” she tells me before pressing the door button. But before it completely closes she says in a very sincere tone, “I will never forget this night. Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku.” and I’m left here at the rooftop staring at the lift, shocked, in awe, baffled and blissful all at the same time.

I take another drag from my cigarette, but now I could only taste her lips and her skin in my mouth. Her scent is all over me. My skin could still vividly remember how her touch feels like. I feel like I’m floating right now. Like I could take on the world. Like nothing could stop me from being my best.

I take my last puff. I think I’m psyched enough to finish my work.

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