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011 – A Promise of Sunshine

I guess this is the first time that I will be reaching the office with no hint of remorse; I’m not even in a slight hurry. Today I woke up just right. I had enough time to properly bathe myself, shave and even choose what I wanted to wear. Usually I just wear whatever my hands initially take out of the closet. But today, I could actually choose and look at myself in the mirror without that feeling of impending doom.

I actually had the luxury of time, enough to choose not to take a cab to work. Instead, I choose to walk all the way to the office and enjoy the everyday scenery that I tend to take for granted every single working day.

My first stop would be that famous bakery I heard about. Joe was always telling me that I have to try them; he says that the bread was so good it was almost an orgasmic experience. Hahaha. He’s a real joker. But then again I‘m still almost 30 meters away from the joint but I can already smell the seducing scent of freshly baked bread. It smells so good I can almost taste it in my mouth. Oh goodie, no queues. This is such a wonderful morning. I guess a bagel would do for the day. Hmmmn… I wonder if Yumi would fancy these. Maybe I should buy her one as well, just in case I bump into her in the office. I wish I would. I really do.

And off I go to continue this journey, an expedition, an exodus unknown to the prodigal stallion exiled in cubicle prison and brainwashed to accept the situation as his fate. Somehow the warm bread inside of the brown paper bag I am holding makes me feel that I’m not part of the ‘herd’, that I’m different from the flock of sheep that are trapped in the corporate slaughterhouse. I am different, I am special and I will not conform.

Wow, a flower shop. I never notice this place before. Not when I am always rushing to work. The flowers are so vibrant, so fresh, so full of life. I have never seen flowers so beautiful. Maybe the company should have more of these. It will sure make everybody’s day brighter. Hmmn… maybe we should. Maybe I could ask Maia to place them in the reception area. I bet that would look really nice. I guess a dozen sunflowers would cheer everybody up.

Maybe Yumi would love some as well… I guess a few white roses wouldn’t hurt.

I feel like one of those all-American looking soap actors back in the 60s right now. When they look so prim and proper and ever so composed as they walk on the streets of New York, smiling at everybody they come across and singing a jovial song as they walk through the sea of people rushing to work. Hahaha, that’s a really funny thought. Now if I could only restrain myself from smiling so much. I bet Jess would find this a little creepy.

Now, I guess the only thing left to buy would be freshly-brewed coffee. If only I could find a place to buy those orange-flavored coffee. Hmnnn… reminds me of that night. Now I feel like a little girl giggling to myself. Oh my. What a great way to start my morning. I cant wait to get back to the office. I cant wait to see Yumi again.

I feel so happy today that even being late will not ruin my day.

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