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Goooood Friday

There might be no Boracay or Puerto Galera here in Singapore to go to and spend the holy week at, but that won’t stop us from having a blast and take advantage of the long weekend.

We kicked things off with the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’, and may I say that the movie was definitely kick-ass. I couldn’t shake it off my head that the captain of the Argos’ army/legion looked so much like ‘The Rock’. Maybe if it was really him who played the part an started doing the ‘people’s elbow’ on the giant scorpions while shouting ‘Do you smell…’ it would’ve been worth the pun.

And after an epic movie like that, we could only top it off with dinner of epic proportions.

So we head on to have a hootin’ good time at Hooters and have our fill of the tastiest chicken wings in the island. Jeff was kinda hopeful for an ogle-fest with the hooter-girls but got an eye-sore candy instead from an out-of-shape, over-the-hill waitress. It was a sad sight. Just plain sad. On the upside, the chicken was great though.

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