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20 years ago I was eight…

How time flies… I come from a generation who witnessed the conception and birth of CDs and MP3s. I can still remember when I was still in college, I never left home without my walkman. Yes… a big, chunky, yellow, waterproof Sony walkman that played my Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Family Values Tour, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reef, Marilyn Manson, Wolfgang, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, Great Expectations OST, and several mixed cassette tapes.

Twenty years ago, my brother and I played video games on consoles that fed on cartridges. Yep, no CDs, no DVDs, and damn sure there weren’t no DLCs back then. Thank God Mario Brothers 3 had an in-cartridge battery to support game saving features. I can still remember how dreadfully long it took to finish a whole Megaman or Legend of Kage game.

Through the Betamax and the VCR we watched WWE Royal Rumbles, Dragon Ball Series, Art of Fighting, Street Fighter & Fatal Fury Anime Movies, how G.I. Joe Duke died from a spear snake to heart courtesy of Serpentor, how the Ultramagnus was disassembled by a bunch of junk robots because he was such a pussy and how Hotrod became Rodimus Prime, how Chun Li should’ve been raped by Vega, how Gouku died and ressurected over and over again, how Royce Gracie choked living sh*t out his bigger opponents.

Now why am I blogging nostalgia? Well, a few days ago an influential part of my teenage years have died. NU107, the home of new rock, ang bahay ng bagong bato, the only radio station my component ever tuned in to since I was 14, the only Philippine radio station that I ever streamed online while I am abroad, the only morning show (Zack and Joey in the morning) that I listened to… has finally decided to close shop.

After over 20 years of nurturing local bands to becoming rockstars, playing only great music, and always being there all my life. The party has come to an end. It’s sad, like news of rockstars dying (Dave Williams, Darrel Dimebag, Paul Gray), only sadder. Is it true that artistry is not profitable anymore? That the only means for a Rock radio station to survive the industry is to sell out? Sometimes life is unfair. Specially when you have to let go of something that has been a special part of your life.

Thank you NU107 for all the good times. For being there during those pre-emo era but still emo moments, for entertaining me while I’m stuck in traffic, for giving my band our 15 minutes of fame, for always being there to witness our not so sober house parties, for always playing that psychadelic Mexican Santa Claus song and the 12 days of beer Christmas song during Christmas, and giving rockers like us more than two decades of head candy.

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