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Why does it feel like the angel of iPhone death is looming around?

I miss the days when I used to be more enthusiastic with software updates. It used to be something I look forward to. The thought of an impending software update used to leave me overly excited thinking about the new bells and whistles that comes with it.

But now I am unfathomably reluctant to embrace the future of my aging iPhone 3G, all thanks to the iOS 4 software update. Which made me feel like I was playing fallout 3 on a Pentium 3 PC. Utterly horrendous, definitely frustrating. It was bad enough that I didn’t get to have a lot of the nifty features that 3GS owners were enjoying, after the update I also had to endure the agony of a mobile castration.

Now, should I or should I not update the vegetarian dinosaur in my pocket? Maybe I should wait a little while for someone else to scream bloody murder and actually look for a ‘fix’ to whatever bug the update may come with… hmmnn… patience is a virtue.

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