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Free DesignCast: Wacom Tablets and the Creative Process

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
Sponsored by: Wacom

Join Wes from Wacom, and special guest, Ali Sabet, in this informative webinar about the integral role that a Wacom pen tablet plays in the creative process.

WacomAli Sabet, contemporary artist, character designer and brand consultant, is also the developer of the Hypercreative Method: The ability to rapidly concept, develop and execute any project at the highest quality possible! Pairing applications like Sketchbook® Pro, Illustrator® and Acrobat® with his Wacom pen tablet, Ali walks you through his creative process—the same method that has enabled him to work on large-scale projects, compete with large-staff agencies, and develop award-winning designs.

This webinar is for any designer, illustrator or creative professional looking to go from good to incredible! Ali gives you a solid introduction to the tools and concepts that will increase the quality of your work, AND your overall productivity.

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