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No Nuke Posters

FREE PUBLICITY! Designers rejoice! This project allows designers from anywhere to design and submit a ‘NO NUKE’ poster and join the project’s noble cause to push for natural energy.

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About the project
Japan is currently facing an unprecedented crisis. Even now, one month after the earthquake, the situation at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains critical. Unsurprisingly there is pollution within a 30km radius, where orders have been issued to evacuate or take shelter indoors, but for a while radioactive substances were also detected in tap water in Tokyo, over 200km away, with the Tokyo government distributing mineral water for infants. Further, TEPCO has detected low-level radiation in seawater, arousing fears in neighbouring countries.

Japan’s leading minds have said that “the design was capable of withstanding the biggest earthquake imaginable” and “the chance of an accident was close to zero”. However, when an earthquake and tsunami exceeding that imagination occurred, the accident that was supposed to be close to zero became reality.

This reality reminds us of the biblical story of the tower of Babel. The tower of Babel symbolizes human’s overconfidence in their abilities. We should consider nuclear power as being beyond our control.

We wholeheartedly support those workers, self-defense force personnel and firefighters who are currently in the contaminated region and doing their utmost to bring the situation under control, and hope their efforts pay off. However, at the same time we think that the energy systems that will be reconstructed must be totally innovative and this shift to new energy systems will not stop with Japan, but spread throughout the world.

The advertising power of electricity companies is strong, somehow forcing us, the people, to believe that our lives are dependent on nuclear power, which accounts for a third of Japan’s electricity. However, as can be seen from the frequency of earthquakes, Japan has many hot springs and also gets a lot of sunshine. It has a lot of forest, is rich in biomass and there is an abundance of untapped resources.

At present, electricity companies in Japan have put a halt to their advertising (how about in your country?). We think now is the perfect opportunity to tell people that a society powered by natural energy is indeed possible.

So we are holding a post-nuclear poster competition to spread the word. There are three poster themes:

1. The depiction of the possibility of natural energy
2. A system that enables a choice of electricity
(Consumers do not have the freedom to choose as there is a monopoly on electricity in each region of Japan)
3. Any other appeal for a Post-Nukes society

In Japan, protests calling for a stop to nuclear power have started to spread. They could potentially become the biggest groundswell since the student movement of the sixties. We hope to see posters inspired by these protests.

It would also be great if some of these posters showed not just denuclearization, but also support for those working to rebuild their lives. We strongly believe that we can create a new world if people across the globe join together in this push for natural energy.

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