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How to get sympathy from Tech Support

I recently purchased the game Left4Dead 2 for Mac from STEAM. I simply couldn’t resist it when I saw that it was on sale for just around six bucks! And it was a game for Mac, meaning I wouldn’t have to switch to bootcamp and play it on windows (which I have just so I could play games on my Mac). The entire process of buying and installing the game is totally full of utter rubbish. As I am writing this, I’m still at 68% in downloading the game because I had to go through the following:

  1. You can’t buy games using Paypal when you are on a different country from where you registered your PP account. No matter how hard you complain and nag and plead. You simply can’t. Or maybe you can, I simply had no patience to go through a gazzillion email exaches with the STEAM tech support.
  2. After successfully buying the game using a local (from where you are buying) credit card. The game won’t install. I’ve had at least 3 tech support emails asking me to delete a folder/file, download and install a new steam client online, then try again.

Now the second part is the hardest of all, coz I’ve already paid and I want my money’s worth. So I had to go through with the seemingly endless email exchanges with the tech support guys. Most of them just asking me to do the same thing the previous one did. Until one night, I had the urge to email tech support when I was busy working and I was totally in the zone of my creative mood:

i followed everything in your reply, every single excruciating detail. and i’ve wasted 2 hours of my life that i will never ever get back. Ten years from now i will remember this night as the time of my life when i mindlessly followed steam support’s instructions even though i’ve already done the same thing for the Nth time, subliminally hoping that this time… even though the steps are painfully the same… by some cosmic chance… the results would unsystematically be different from my previous replicated efforts.

guys, still the same error. “Steam servers are too busy too handle your request…” can you guys help me, probably with a workaround or something really useful that i could happily blog about?

The same night I received a reply from them that involves troubleshooting steps that were quite different from what they’ve sent me before. And astonishingly, just after  three more emails, they managed to send me instructions that seems to have managed to fix the problem. As of writing this, I am 70% done in downloading the game. I hope this finally works.

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