Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

I hate working and you should too!

Thank God it feels like I’m just playing around whenever I am designing.

When I was a kid I’ve always believed that when I grow up I’ll be paid to do the things I enjoy doing. So at first I thought I’ll be paid to play video games all day long, that didn’t happen… damn. Then in my teens, when I was a frontman for a band, I seriously considered making a career out of being a part of a rock band. It was sweet while it lasted – but obviously it wasn’t a feasible career option specially when you lack the high degree of talent required to actually leave a noticeable dent in the entertainment industry and actually make it as a rockstar. Though it did get me shitloads of new acquaintances, memories and stories about the ‘good old times’ and somehow – even though my mom would love to disagree – the whole experience was worth it.

If I could color the sky I would…
Then there’s the other thing that I really loved to do – drawing. I can still remember how my notebooks looked like when I was still studying; 25% notes, 75% percent doodles (most of the time even more). For as long as I can remember, I never had a teacher that I haven’t somehow drawn. When I don’t have paper to draw on, I’d use my hands and arms. Sometimes my classmates would let me draw tattoos on them, that made me feel happy – special even.

Even though it seemed that it’ll be natural for me to take up fine arts or something similar in college, the old world dogma that fine arts graduates don’t earn shit in the real world shunned me away from taking up that course in college. But after graduating with a Business IT degree, selling cars for Toyota, doing tech support for MSN, manipulating databases for a living and doing all those things that grown-ups are supposed to – I’d eventually find my way back to doing something I love.

It wasn’t the easiest of transitions in my life though. Starting out, I’d have to look beyond the crappy hours and small pay that I’ll be enduring for an entry-level designer job – just so I can get my foot at the door and earn enough experience in the field/industry that I wanna be a part of. Pursuing my passion surely wasn’t easy, there’s always that subliminal voice at the back of my mind that keeps asking whether I’m just wasting my time, whether it’ll be just a phase in my life that I’ll eventually grow out of, whether what I’m doing isn’t really “my thing”.

Yes, Mom was always right…
But like what every parent knows, which kids tend to dismiss as ‘just another popular saying from the stone age'; through God’s grace, hard-work and determination success will follow.

As of writing this post I’ve spent every working day for the last seven years doing something that I love to do, and if you love what you’re doing it’ll almost never feel like you are working.

Rockstar for hire.
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