Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

The world is your playground, imagination is your limit

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players:” –William Shakespear, All the world’s a stage

All of us have been given a chance to become what we want to and be where we want to be. And as long as you’re not a close-minded xenophobe or one of those who are utterly oblivious as to how their dreams can turn into reality, you have a good chance of becoming what you want to be.

We are products of what we do…
I may not have a formal education in Fine Arts or Design, but what I lack in paper I make-up for in terms of experience, I’ve traded my IT career to design for a living, and I am passionate about designing and the industry/culture as a whole, and I’ve already been in this industry for years. I can honestly tell anybody, with all my heart, that I am a bona fide designer. As opposed to the art school graduate who built his entire career working as a customer service representative in a call center —sporiadically working on design projects from time to time, desperately holding on to to the last drop of colour in his now monochrome artsy soul. I’m more of a designer than he’ll ever be.

With, this in mind I pray that my kids won’t spend the entirety their adolescence acting like jackasses. I hope that early on they’d find their “thing” and mould it with passion and determination to defy norms that would limit their imagination.

I got to travel before my first birthday…
I came from a family who’s blessed enough to have the chance to travel abroad early in our lives. And since I was eight I knew in my heart that being a citizen of a particular country is just a card I’ve been initially dealt with, but in reality I’m a citizen of the world. I knew that I’m capable of going to wherever place I want to go to and —with God’s grace, dilligence and determination— be whatever I want to be.

Currently I’m Singapore, for now this is my learning grounds and playing field. But my works are not limited to this beautiful tiny island, I’ve designed for numerous companies from the US, Europe, and countries from the Asia-Pacific. In the next five years I’d love to be designing from Spain. Why Spain, I don’t really know why Spain. Maybe because I partly have Spanish lineage, or maybe because I have this idea at the back of my mind that I could be designing from a studio located in a midst of acres and acres of vineyards somewhere in Valencia. What an awesome thought… haiz.

Awesomeness will take you places…
Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do — you have to aim for excellence at you chosen field. Nobody wants to waste good money for an imported piece of trash. And I tell you, a mediocre life abroad is lonely. Love what you are doing, do what you love. Make sure that what you’re spending majority of your time on are things that you’d want to do when you’ve got so much time to spend. When you are good at what you do, people will notice and opportunities will find their way to you.

Rockstar for hire.
I help businesses create memorable branding experiences for their customers.

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