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Johnny Rockets — Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa: Houston, we have a problem…

Johnny Rockets Logo

My wife and I are great fans of TGIFriday’s and we especially love dining at the Alabang Town Center branch. It’s almost as if it’s a sacred ritual for us to dine there every time we go back home to visit the Philippines. So in our visit last month we went to ATC for some Q-time and have decided to have lunch at Friday’s but the queue was rather too long, having the patience of a mature two-year old, I convinced my wife for us to try one of the restaurants on the new food strip at ATC.

First Impressions…
After much walking and indecisiveness, we came to a point where I just wanted to bask in the comfort of a gourmet hamburger and a fistful of French fries. Thus, we ended up trying out Johnny Rockets. To be honest, I really liked the joint within the first couple of minutes; a big open dining area with a really high ceiling, 50’s diner decor, big pin-up girls vintage Coca-Cola posters, 50’s rock and roll music and even a small jukebox (not sure if it was operational) for each of the tables positioned against the wall. But alas, much of my fascination with the burger joint was prematurely ended by their humongous twin pet house flies. After we sat down and were handed the menu, these two sh*t-loving winged maggots would keep hanging around our table (much like those penniless, user-friendly vagrants who can smell a free meal a mile away whom you had as friends when you were younger) as if they were subliminally convincing us to order the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich because they f*cking love it more than hot turd — only to leave us alone when food from another table was served. Now the duo almost ruined the whole ‘Johnny Rockets Experience’ for me before even trying anything. Why the staff never bothered to shoo them off us or off the other patrons gave away, convincingly, that they were really shop mascots — hideously disgusting ones. But nonetheless, we took the flies’ suggestion and ordered Philly Cheese Steak combo coupled with the Original JR’s Cheeseburger combo.

The Food
Eehrrmaahgerrd! Who would have known those turd-eating mascots were spot-on?! The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich was great. The thinly sliced sirloin steak was lovingly tender and the whole sensation of savouring the tender beef is complimented by the flavour of grilled onions and melted cheese. Delicioso…

Johnny Rockets Philly Cheese Steak

Johnny Rockets THe Original Burger

How I wish I could say the same for their “The Original” burger. But In fairness, the hamburger patty per se was great; it holds itself intact and doesn’t messily fall apart but it readily crumbles away in your mouth, appeasing the carnivorous caveman within you. The first bite reminded me so much of “Grandma’s Burger” (see side story), though as a whole, the meal was disappointingly bland and boring. Think of those mass produced, half-assed burgers in your local highschool canteen; just that this one comes with a great patty, that’s it–you can throw away everything else that came with it. For what’s it worth, the fries were great though: big chunky strips and not like what they normally serve in fastfood restaurants.

The Verdict
The price for what we’ve ordered seem to be at par with most gourmet burger joints. But we probably won’t be back unless we’re really craving for their Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. If you’re craving for a satisfying hamburger experience, there’s just too many other ‘better options’ in the area; like Brothers Burger, Friday’s, Hotshots, Chili’s and the likes… As a whole, our Johnny Rockets experience was rather too disappointing that we had to wash it off by helping ourselves with a good serving of a Friday’s Ballpark Nachos. We just had to.

Johnny Rockets Bill

Friday's Ballpark Nachos

Side Story: Grandma’s Burger
For those of you who would happen to travel further down south of Alabang and would like to stuff your face with great-tasting mom-and-pops kind of hamburger; Southbound, get off from SLEX at the San Pedro exit, head to the national road, turn right at the national road (going further south), then once you reach the junction where McDonald’s is (it’ll be on your left if you’re heading south), turn right into Elvinda Village and go straight ’til you reach the railroad, after crossing the first intersection after the railroad you’ll see the small (and I mean small – just enough space to park your car infront of the shop) Grandma’s Burger shop on the right side of the road along with a Petron Gasul shop.

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2 thoughts on “Johnny Rockets — Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa: Houston, we have a problem…

  1. Trenton Bersamina says:

    The best burgers I ever tasted are those served by Ruby Tuesday. Unfortunately, the Ruby Tuesday that we go to in Trinoma Mall closed. If I remember correctly their burgers were priced pretty close to P500 a piece. But it is sinfully delicious. I think they use prime beef. Don’t know if there are any Ruby Tuesdays left in Pinas. BTW, RT burgers in the US are better than the ones they serve in Pinas. I haven’t tried the burgers at Hooters breastaurant yet which is located near Mall of Asia.

    1. RT burgers, hmmn.. haven’t tried that before. Might give it a shot when I go on vacation. As for hooters… you only go to hooters for beer, chicken wings and boobs… er… booze :)

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