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Bucket List #13: Donate Blood

Gift of Life: Red Cross Singapore Blood Donation Drive
(June 20, 2013)

Hooked up to the blood bag

Damn I hate needles…

This will be the first item to be ticked on my bucket list. In an utterly convenient turn of events, which I’d like to think of as divine intervention, Red Cross Singapore has launched a blood donation drive to coincide with this year’s Citi Global Community Day. Without with some hesitation (well… to be completely honest; I actually cringe at the thought of long needles piercing deep through my flesh – I’ve never been hooked up to a dextrose before and I’ve had way too much bad experiences with medical interns struggling to find my veins), I signed up as a volunteer for the blood donation drive knowing that this is something that I’ve always wanted to do and that this act of charity/kindness will someday help someone in need.

The idea that one day my blood would flow through another person’s veins feels quite surreal. And knowing that this gesture would help save another person’s life gives me a sense of pleasure that I am somehow contributing to the ‘Greater Good’. Now I can proudly say that I have donate blood and can finally cross this item out from my bucket list.

Filling my blood bag

Fill ‘er up…

Blood bag filled

My gift of life

Bandaged arm

I wanted a red bandage with awesome tribal dragons but they didn’t have any

Free stuff I got after donating blood

Free stuff I got after donating blood, no Twinkies though—bummer :(

…and so my office toys roster grows


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