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A Skanky Message from an Old Flame


Hi! How are you na?

How long has it been? It feels like several lifetimes ago since we last saw each other.

I know how this might freak you out, specially since I bailed out on you a few years back, but hear me out… I just want to say I’m sorry and was wondering whether it’s possible for us to bury the hatchet. I know there’s no excuse for leaving you and how much hurt I may have caused you but I’m praying that the years that passed have somehow healed your wounded heart.

I would really like to apologise for the hurt I’ve caused you, for leaving you when you needed me. But I just can’t see myself as a part of your world at that time. You barely had time for me, you were always busy with your career, your band, your friends and everything else in between. I felt neglected, I felt unwanted. I couldn’t bear knowing that you’re always up late in wee hours in the morning, that you’re always drinking out with your friends, that you were leading a new-found destructive unhealthy busy lifestyle. And I can’t do anything about it, like there was no room for me in your world. Like you didn’t need me, you didn’t want me.

Still that’s no excuse for hurting you. I’m sorry. But I wanted you to know how it was for me. It wasn’t easy, it was a really hard decision to make. It’s not like I vanished all in a blink of an eye. We drifted apart, in an excruciatingly slow manner. Day by day I can feel you falling farther and farther away from me but you don’t seem to even notice. Like you were prepared for it, like you were letting go.

Don’t you miss being with me? Do you miss how it was between us?

I do.

Every single day.

Specially those moments when we lay on your bed and your hands would effortlessly caress and glide all over me. It’s one of the things I’ve always longed for since we parted ways. I know how saying this would make me sound so shallow, but back then I’ve always been turned on by how much attention you gave to training and staying fit. Day in day out seeing you at the gym sweaty and always secretly ogling at me from my reflection in the mirrors – it always made me feel special. You could probably say that it’s ‘my thing’, to only hookup with guys who train seriously. As shallow as it is, that’s me. But I won’t apologise for who I am and what I want.

With that said, I heard from a friend that you are back on track and again have really been taking good care of you bod lately. I wonder how long it would take for you to be that yummy again? lols <3<3<3 ;P

Please forgive me as I am about to be utterly blunt here, but I’m dying to know if you’re interested in hooking up again… maybe we could pick up where we left off and just forgive and forget about the grey areas of our relationship. I don’t care who you’re with right now or whatever your setup is, I just know that I’m eager to be with you and I’m sure that deep down you want me so bad. I know that if we just try hard enough, everything will work out.

Looking forward to hearing from you…



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