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Running OS X El Capitan on a late 2009 Macbook White Unibody (Part 2)

OS X El Capitan

Okay… so I finally went on to install El Capitan.

Downloading and installation went smoothly, no unforeseen errors at all. I guess waiting on the fence for a few weeks after its official launch really paid off.

Wacom Driver Incompatibility
During the initial setup/installation process, the OS did catch an issue with my Wacom drawing tablet’s driver. So as planned, I proceeded to download the latest driver for the drawing tablet – and that should settle the issue.

download wacom table driver

Adobe Illustrator
Just like how the other users described it in my earlier post, upon trying to launch Adobe Illustrator after the upgrade you’ll be greeted by an ominous Java Update error message.

Update Java error message

This seems pretty straight forward, though I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of installing an unsupported legacy Java version just to run CS6 Illustrator. So after scouring the interwebs, I settled with this solution (click here to view) from ‘gator soup’ of installing the latest Java version and creating specific empty folders to make Illustrator use Jave SE 8 as it should.

During the process, as I enter the commands in Terminal, I’m getting the “Operation not permitted” error message. After further rummaging through comments in a macworld article, I found out that I need to first disable El Capitan’s System Integrity Protection feature by following these couple of steps:

  1. Reboot the machine in Recovery mode (Command R at startup)
  2. Launch Terminal, type ‘csrutil disable; reboot’
    • You’ll probably want to enable it again afterwards though

After that, I was able to successfully run the commands in Terminal. And… viola! No more of that nasty Java SE 6 runtime error while still running the latest Java build.

So there you go, El Capitan on a late 2009 MacBook White Unibody running Adobe CS6 without having to downgrade to the legacy Java SE 6. Have you already upgraded to El Capitan? Share how it’s been working out for you so far in the comments section.


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