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Skylake Hackintosh: Storage Picks

Yellow Sata Cables

Here are the storage components for my Skylake Hackintosh build.

You had me at yellow…

Yay! Finally got the SATA cables I ordered from overseas via Lazada. I’m particularly excited with such a simple purchase because for some reason, at least here in Singapore, the only colour choices I had were limited to black, blue or red, and their neon gel-type counterparts. So yeah, I’m admittedly overly happy with my lemon-yellow SATA cables. Specially because I spent less than five bucks for five of ’em. Yup, less than a dollar at only S$4.80 for a pack of five. And just like its ‘higher-end’ counterparts, this set also features a neat lock latch to keep ’em fastened.

sata cable lock latch

Did you know…

That SATA II and SATA III branded cables are bogus? That these are just marketing ploys to get consumers to spend more money on ‘newer tech’. No? Well, yes it is! Bogus, scam, bullcrap. SATA I, II & III cables have negligible performance discrepancies. Remember, we’re talking about just the cables here, not the actual SATA interface itself. So whether you spent $14.00 on a brand-spanking new ‘6Gbps SATA III’ cable or you got ’em for a dollar like me; their performance will more or less be the same. You can read more about this revelation at the GamersNexus site. Moving on…


storage drives


Now for the parts where we’ll be sticking those yellow badboys in to. Housing the macOS Sierra later on will be 240GB PNY CS1311 SSD, and the Windows 10 installation will be on the 1TB Toshiba DT01ACA100 HDD. Both of the have great value for their price, both have good user and tech site reviews. Both the SSD and HHD have good warranty coverage, 3 and 2 years respectively, and I got them at a bargain for S$105(SSD) and S$62(HDD), with an additional discount of S$2 for paying cash from the wonderful peeps at VII PC Trade Pte Ltd at Sim Lim Square.

Though they’re both in the ‘budget’ spectrum of their respective classes, both disks fare well against their peers in terms of performance and failure rate. Which is good enough for me because I’m coming from a late 2009 machine into this new build, so anything made in the last 5 years would definitely feel faster for me.

Side Note: The owner and staff of VII PC Trade are most pleasant tech retailers I have ever done business with ever! They happily helped me out without thinking twice with replacement and removal of a bracket form the case I bought from them and the boss even gave me some free stuff to help me mount the disks in to the chassis. Do give them a try if you’re shopping at Sim Lim Square, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


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