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PSU: FSP Hydro 500W 80+ Bronze

Here is the power supply unit of my Skylake Hackintosh Build.

FSP Hydro 80 Plus Bronze

Hail Hydro!

To be honest I initially wanted a modular unit but this particular model had great online reviews compared to similarly spec’ed PSUs. I also considered the fact that my chassis has great cable management space which can easily accommodate the extra cables from this PSU. Another nice feature is that all the other cables are flat-type and nicely coloured flat black, which is one of my non-negotiables for this particular build. For its relatively inexpensive price and great reviews which is backed by a 5-year warranty, how could I go wrong with such a solid PSU choice?


In my opinion, the FSP Hydro 500W 80+ Bronze is a solid PSU choice if your building not so fancy setup where you don’t have a requirement for a lot of of juice. It can power up a rig with a GTX 970, four disks, a little bit of LED lighting, enough fans for cooling and all your basic PC accessories without any issues. What’s your go-to PSU for your builds and why? Do share your PSU preference in the comments section below.

You can get a similar PSU model from Amazon ( ) or at Lazada ( )

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