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Bucket List #8: Visit the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur and cross the Sky Bridge

Petronas Tower


(December 28, 2016)

Finally found the time to visit KL, we’ve been planning our first KL trip for the longest time and I’m so happy that we’ve finally managed to get this ticked off in my bucket list. We decided to take a coach from Singapore to KL which is a ~10-hour long journey (but seemed like forever) via the StarMart Express — Word of advise: Do not be fooled by their marketing ploy about having massage chairs on their buses; yes, all of them are supposed to be massage chairs but none of them actually operate. They won’t tell you this until you’re on the the bus and just claim that the damned things are currently under maintenance – all of them… we will never book another ride with their company ever again — we could’ve easily flown to KL but we wanted to experience the whole shebang, which was totally worth the experience but I won’t ever do that again. The bus ride totally reminded me how it felt like when I was six and my brother and Bob took us in a road trip from L.A. to Las Vegas. I’m just way too impatient for something like that.

The bus ride ended at Berjaya Times Square, a massive mall at the outskirts of KL that houses both known brands (on the lower floors) and mom&pop’s stores from the 4th floor up. It took a 10-minute cab ride (which cost only around 10 ringgit / S$3.30) from there to Concorde Hotel which is at the heart of KL.

Concorde Hotel KL


The hotel doesn’t greet guests with a swanky lobby, nothing really spectacular that’ll have you lounging around the hotel though it’s pretty decent to say the least. Same goes for the room and its features; standard quality that you’d come to expect from an international hotelier brand.


But what we really loved about the joint is their people; right from the usher at the drop-off who opened the cab door for us and courteously helped us out with our luggages (you’d be surprised how many stuck-up ushers there are who wouldn’t bother if you ain’t white), to the very cordial receptionist who gave us an upgraded unit, offered us free membership and also sent us a complimentary cake for our anniversary. I must say, we’re really impressed with the quality of servce that we received during our stay. They really left good impression that’ll make it hard for us to choose another place to stay at in our next visit to KL.


IMG_4619The city is very nice, safe and clean (at least in our experience). I found it very much like Singapore but has that ‘familiar’ charm to it that reminded me of Makati. It was rather easy to ‘feel at home’ at KL, and given the opportunity I wouldn’t mind relocating to this city for work.

The food choices are awesome, I initially thought that we’re gonna be limited to Halal options since Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country – but to my surprise; the Bak Kut Teh (pork ribs cooked in broth)  here in KL is the best I’ve ever tried. O.O

There were a lot do and quite a number of stores to shop at which we couldn’t simply squeeze in two days. So we stuck with the plan and went straight to the Petronas Towers and went mall hopping on our way back to the hotel.

Visiting the Petronas is on my bucket list because it always have fascinated me how much of an engineering marvel it is. Once considered as the tallest building in the world, it stands at 1,483 feet high with its Skybridge suspended between the two towers at the 41st floor. Other than its sheer massiveness, what I really fancy about it is the intricate details that adorn the structure. I may not be an architect but I sure do know how to appreciate the all planning, time and effort that has been spent on building this magnificent engineering and architectural wonder.

We didn’t get to experience the Skybridge on this visit because apparently you have to book your visit weeks in advance, something we’ve overlooked. Though I’m guessing it won’t be that enthralling for us anymore since we’ve already experienced the open top of Marina Bay Sands Singapore’s Skypark – which is even higher at 57 floors up. But nonetheless, the entire experience was immensely positive and we will definitely visit KL again. Maybe be more engaged with the local scene or something like it. Though next time we’ll surely be coming over by plane ride. :)

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