Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

My formula to staying sane and happy


Be sincere

Mean what you say, always follow through. Try not to pay lip service, the truth is often unpleasant but there’s no substitute for it.

At the very least, be honest to yourself

There will be times when it’ll be most logical or easiest for you to lie, be it to get out of trouble, cope from a failure or maybe cover up a mistake. This happens, I’m just as guilty as the other guy. But don’t ever that think that your lie becomes the truth just because other people believe it. Even if everyone swears true to something you fabricated, it’ll never be the truth. Don’t betray yourself by thinking otherwise.

Try things, explore

Don’t live inside a bubble, enjoy the unfamiliar. Life is too finite to always be too cautious.

Be decisive

Make timely decisions, don’t be held up by the fear of making mistakes. In the course of your life, no matter how much you plan and prepare, you’ll inevitably make mistakes. Some negligible, others impactful – learn from all of them.

Own up to the mistakes you make

The first step to getting over a failure is to accept the fact and admit that you made a wrong decision. Apologize if you must, but always identify where it went wrong and do what you can to make things right.

Celebrate your wins

There’s no shame in celebrating life’s triumphs. Be it simply patting yourself on the back, or holding a party to commemorate a job well done — don’t be bashful in relishing good tidings.

Marry your bestfriend

At one point of your relationship, you’ll eventually find someone who’s younger and prettier. But you’ll never find someone else who truly knows and understands you more than your bestfriend. Make sure that she’s already ‘your person’ before you ask for her hand.


Streamline everything you can in your life. Don’t try to please everyone. Focus on the things that matter to you — cut loose (or leave be) everything else. These could apply to things, activities, people, and even relationships.

Respect other people’s opinions

You don’t have to agree with any of them, but you have to acknowledge the fact that they are also entitled to have an opinion. Other people’s opinions don’t always have to matter to you, it’s just there — like their appendixes.

Love like there’s no tomorrow

Kiss your wife and kids like it matters. Tell loved ones that you love them. Say it, openly. Don’t just imply your affection, show it, speaketh.

I had an accident less than a year ago that could’ve really gone south. I lost consciousness in the shower and faceplanted on a curb. It was so bad that both my lips were busted and my shattered incisor left an impression on a floor tile. After the gravity of what transpired sank into me, I couldn’t help but weep (in public — it hit me the next day as I was having dinner at the office) and think of how I won’t be able to spend more time with my wife and my very young kids had I dropped into that edge a couple of inches lower. I realized that if God haven’t intervened in some way, it would’ve been fatal. Faced with mortality, the weight of all problems I face seem to have very little significance. I had an epiphany of how fragile life really is and how petty we humans could be. After that day, I’ve decided to try my darnest to love like each day could be my last.

Pursue what you’re good at

That old cliche ‘follow your passion’ isn’t really that practical and doesn’t apply and guarantee happiness for everyone. You could be passionate about something that you flatly suck at. Oftentimes it’d be the source of woe. Don’t waste your God-given talent, it has been bestowed upon you to benefit and prosper you so you could be a blessing to those around you. Have a discerning heart and an open mind to what you excel at. Harness it, cultivate it. Money will always follow exemplary work. Someone somewhere will always want what you provide, and willingly would pay premium if you’re worth moolah.

Drink to celebrate life

Because it’s meant to be fun. Drinking and getting drunk are two completely different things. Know when to stop. Never drink when you’re upset; it won’t help you forget your problem, on the contrary, it’ll only remind you how helpless you are.

Confide only with people who truly respect you

We’re social beings, it’s normal to seek encouragement and advise when faced with seemingly overwhelming problems. Talk to a close friend, a mentor, your family — someone who holds you in high regard. Airing your baggage and whining all over social media would only magnify your carnal need for attention and your utter inability to objectively face difficulties.

Don’t forget to love and respect yourself

If you always put your health last or you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take tabs of your personal well-being, how can you honestly tell yourself that you are fit and capable to love and take care of another person? Fix the world starting with the person in the mirror. Don’t be a slave to vices. Give yourself due credit. Don’t sell yourself short. Command a high value for your time and attention. Respect your body like you would a loved one’s.

And most importantly be thankful

For me, above all else, I’m thankful and give praise and worship to Him who laid down his life for me. He who has freely given me everything, so I can have life and have it more abundantly.

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My formula to staying sane and happy

Be sincere Mean what you say, always follow through. Try not to pay lip service, the truth is often unpleasant but there’s no substitute for it. At the very least, be honest to yourself There will be times when it’ll be most logical or easiest for you to lie, be it to get out of trouble, cope from a failure or maybe cover up a mistake...

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