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Idle Banter


My formula to staying sane and happy

Be sincere Mean what you say, always follow through. Try not to pay lip service, the truth is often unpleasant but there’s no substitute for it. At the very least, be honest to yourself There will be times when it’ll be most logical or easiest for you to lie,...

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Itching for a Mechanical Keyboard

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz lately with the ‘awesomeness’ of using mechanical keyboards, and in all honesty, I’m already drawn to getting one for myself. But I think I’m gonna start small with something inexpensive yet customisable. I already know what I want: TKL (no numpad), White Keycaps...

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How to (almost) Always get the Best Deal for Your Design Projects

Many clients think that there’s a secret language they need to speak or that there’s a ‘clique’ they need to be part of in order to cut decent deals with freelancers. As cool as how that may sound like, it’s actually just a matter of managing proper expectations. From my experience, the...

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Project Management Triangle

Fast, Good and Cheap

  I bet that you’ve already read from somewhere the definition of a Project Mangement Triangle, where you have three desirable project traits: Fast, Good and Cheap but can only pick two. From a contractor perspective, it would often be the most profitable to win a project that lies within the  Good+Fast corner of the spectrum. On...

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Before you sign that freelance contract…

I’ve done freelancing gigs directly with businesses and also through agencies, I find my experiences with most of them generally pleasant. Though there are times when I’d be sideswiped by a client who’s seemingly determined to test the limits of my patience and forcibly take my understanding of magnanimity to a higher level. Lance Sison, Rockstar...

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