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Idle Banter

June Issue – Closed

what a mess… Finally… it’s over. This is one of the longest production periods ever. Change this, change that, hearing the classic “My client will submit materials to us soon”, talking to several ad agencies and teaching their designers how to properly use color profiles (whoever gave my direct...

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Detroit Metal City

This is probably the best movie I’ve seen so far for 2009. It’s about a farm boy (Negishi) who studied in Tokyo to pursue his dream of leading a ‘trendy’ (yes, trendy, WTF right?) life and making ‘trendy’ pop music. But much to his dismay he ends up playing...

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I dug up this article from Motherhood Magazine, I’m not really sure whether its from the October or November Issue, where Krishti asked me to model as the dad of the model baby Alfie. He was so freaking adorable! I didn’t even realised that we we’re shooting for about...

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.002 – I Am Evil Day

Products of having too much idle time… “Release me master” by Halik “Crimson Cravings” by Allan Lance Sison, Rockstar for Hire. Rockstar for hire. I help businesses create memorable branding experiences for their customers.

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