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Memoirs of a Little Boy Who Never Grew Up

Petronas Tower

Bucket List #8: Visit the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur and cross the Sky Bridge

Touchdown! (December 28, 2016) Finally found the time to visit KL, we’ve been planning our first KL trip for the longest time and I’m so happy that we’ve finally managed to get this ticked off in my bucket list. We decided to take a coach from Singapore to KL which is...

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On death and losing people you love…

I’ve been having a recurring dream, no—more like a dull  and numb nightmare. That I was to bury the rest of my kin: my mom, my brothers and my sister. That’ll I’ll be the last one here and I’ll have to endure seeing each one of them die. Being...

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A Skanky Message from an Old Flame

Hi! How are you na? How long has it been? It feels like several lifetimes ago since we last saw each other. I know how this might freak you out, specially since I bailed out on you a few years back, but hear me out… I just want to...

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Metallica in Singapore 2013

Bucket List #5: Attend a Metallica Concert

Metallica in Singapore (August 24, 2013)   The Four Horsemen This was one of those things that I’ve always dreamed of, watching Metallica live has always been up there in my bucket list. To be completely honest, the day before LAMC productions officially announced Metallica in SG my wife...

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Hooked up to the blood bag

Bucket List #13: Donate Blood

Gift of Life: Red Cross Singapore Blood Donation Drive (June 20, 2013) This will be the first item to be ticked on my bucket list. In an utterly convenient turn of events, which I’d like to think of as divine intervention, Red Cross Singapore has launched a blood donation drive...

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