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Memoirs of a Little Boy Who Never Grew Up

Metallica in Singapore 2013

Bucket List #5: Attend a Metallica Concert

Metallica in Singapore (August 24, 2013)   The Four Horsemen This was one of those things that I’ve always dreamed of, watching Metallica live has always been up there in my bucket list. To be completely honest, the day before LAMC productions officially announced Metallica in SG my wife...

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Hooked up to the blood bag

Bucket List #13: Donate Blood

Gift of Life: Red Cross Singapore Blood Donation Drive (June 20, 2013) This will be the first item to be ticked on my bucket list. In an utterly convenient turn of events, which I’d like to think of as divine intervention, Red Cross Singapore has launched a blood donation drive...

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My Bucket List

The year is nearing to a close and 2012 has truly been a phenomenal year. A lot of milestones took place this this year, most of them are such blessings that I am truly thankful for; like my son’s first birthday and having my mom fly over for the first...

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designing with pencil, pen and paper

Why I still carry a pencil and a sketchbook with me everyday

In this technologically advanced age of high-performance ultra-portable laptops, having the Adobe Creative Suite already available via Cloud Computing, and where every other tool that a designer needs to get work done is being ported to mobile devices as a downloadable app — tech-lovin’ kids might be surprised to see that there are some of us who...

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The world is your playground, imagination is your limit

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players:” –William Shakespear, All the world’s a stage All of us have been given a chance to become what we want to and be where we want to be. And as long as you’re not a close-minded xenophobe or one...

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