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Let’s Build a Hackintosh – 2017 Skylake Build (Part 1)

Being utterly dismayed with the gimmicky touch bar in the new line of MacBook Pros and its utter lack of functional ports (I won’t even be able to directly charge my iPhone 7 with it) despite its premium price tag, I’ve finally opened up to the idea of building...

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Responsive Website Design: Spring Veterinary

Website Design: Spring Veterinary Care

Have you ever felt that sometimes you’re having way too much fun at work? That was the case with this recent project that I’ve worked on. I suppose enjoying what I do for a living isn’t a bad thing at all (actually, it’s a blessing that I should always be thankful for),...

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Cortina Website: Jewellery Time 2014

Website Design: Jewellery Time 2014

Designing websites is always a fascinating experience. For each website I’ve worked on, almost exclusively always during the study phase of the process, it never ceases to amaze me how many new web technologies and features are out there to exploit since my last website project. Comparing it from a couple...

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Logo design for Shop American Sports

Logo Design: Shop American Sports (Time-Lapse)

One of my favourite facet in this profession is when I’m given creative freedom by the client (with just the right pinch of guidelines in our project brief) to design their company’s corporate identity. Working on a new branding project is already an exhilarating experience in itself, but being able to...

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Combat Yoga

Yup, that’s right! Combat Yoga – and this ain’t no Street Fighter 4’s fire-breathing Dhalsim stuff. This is the real deal. If you wanna sign up, head on over to 176 Orchard Road #06 – 06/07 The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843 or visit their website for more info. Lance Sison, Rockstar...

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