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Stuff I’ve been working on

Bring Your Sexy Back

Every now and then, as a rockstar for hire (alright… as a freelance creative design consultant), I get offers to work on really cool projects. Now for this project with Sexy Lime Surf Co. at first it was quite a struggle to remain objective about the task at hand when...

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Whoa, is that an Infrared Exercise Bicycle?

Full page advertisement done for Infrared Motion‘s latest product – The Revolutionary Perfect Forms Sun 400 Infrared Exercise Bicycle. Amazing Weight Loss for your Clients… High Income for your Business! Lance Sison, Rockstar for Hire. Rockstar for hire. I help businesses create memorable branding experiences for their customers.

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Working at the Car Wash

Or at least working on their marketing/promotional brochure… While I was working this piece for Turnpike Car wash, I couldn’t help myself but play the Car Wash Song in YouTube. I wonder why I never hear this song being played in any of the car wash places I go...

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Bagong Bayani Goes Online

Website design for Bagong Bayani Magazine, which features an eMagazine function that is updated with every new issue. A little about the publication… Filipinos working abroad have reached more than eleven million mark, and every day their number is increasing in an unprecedented rate. They are stakeholders in the...

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Awaken Your Brand

Awaken Your Brand Rich in flavour and always freshly brewed. Our designs are made only with the finest ideas, meticulously balanced with concept and detail. Sure to perk up your brand and put a smile on your face. Go ahead and experience the difference. Contact us at inquiry[at] for...

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