Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

Sweet Surrender

012 – Adieu

It’s been almost two years since my last post. So many things have happened… just too many. Sometimes I just wish that I could fool myself into filtering all these mem’ries in my head. I just want to live in that make-believe dream I had with Yumi… How can something that...

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011 – A Promise of Sunshine

I guess this is the first time that I will be reaching the office with no hint of remorse; I’m not even in a slight hurry. Today I woke up just right. I had enough time to properly bathe myself, shave and even choose what I wanted to wear....

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010 – The Obscurity Within

Ahhhh…. Hitting the shower after that long night in the office sure feels great. I can’t believe that I’ll be spending the rest of my life doing this kind of work. The long hours, the sleepless nights, the unappreciated gargantuan amount of work. The only perk I get from...

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009 – Concede

It’s been an hour and a half since I started debugging this system. I’m getting nowhere with all these things in my mind. All I could think of is her scent, her eyes, her smile, her lips, her laughter… Aarrgh! Get a hold of yourself man. I’m really tired...

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008 – Recurring Encounter

“Damien, would you do me a favor and accompany me back home?” It felt a little bit out of line but I guess I owe Jess that much. “OK, anything to help cheer you up Jess.” It feels so awkward sitting beside somebody inside a cab without uttering a...

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