Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

Sweet Surrender

007 – Revelations

“Bleep”Mojo Joe-Jo says:Where were you man…. you ass. “Bleep”DAM(ie)NI had the most interesting banter with Maia over lunch “Bleep”Mojo Joe-Jo says:we know… we saw you guys in that joint on our way back to the office “Bleep”DAM(ie)Noh.. ic… what did Jess say? “Bleep”Mojo Joe-Jo says:she’s really upset man… I...

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006 – Lunch Date

Maybe she ain’t coming. Maybe she was just teasing me.It’ll be really embarrassing if I’d get stood up here in this alfresco setting smack in the middle of the city where everybody is dining with somebody else. So loser-ish. “Hi, Damien.” Upon hearing that I felt a sense of...

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005 – Manic Monday

Don’t you just hate Mondays? I simply dread waking up so early in the morning for Mondays. I dunno what’s with it but out of all the days of the week I hate Mondays with every drop of my blood. The way everybody is rushing to work. The way...

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004 – Reflections

Oh my God. It’s just 4:30am and I’m already wide awake. It seems that even with getting plastered I’m such a failure. Maybe it’s the stress, or probably the inescapable feeling that I’ll be spending the next four Saturdays in the office. Shit. Maybe a cup of coffee would...

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003 – Banter Under the Influence

Feeling the cold air brush against my face as I open the door of the pub. I can almost feel the dirt of daily life being washed away. As if rain is falling freely over me and and I am being washed from all the dirt, anxieties, and concern....

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