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FSP Hydro 80 Plus Bronze

PSU: FSP Hydro 500W 80+ Bronze

Here is the power supply unit of my Skylake Hackintosh Build. Hail Hydro! To be honest I initially wanted a modular unit but this particular model had great online reviews compared to similarly spec’ed PSUs. I also considered the fact that my chassis has great cable management space which can easily accommodate the extra...

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tecware quad mini

Chassis: Tecware Quad Mini Cube

Here is the casing unit of my Skylake Hackintosh Build. Meet the Quad Mini Cube At the initial stages of planning and researching for the build, I had these requirements concerning its casing and form factor: it has to be smaller than a full ATX rig, either mATX or...

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storage drives

Skylake Hackintosh: Storage Picks

Here are the storage components for my Skylake Hackintosh build. You had me at yellow… Yay! Finally got the SATA cables I ordered from overseas via Lazada. I’m particularly excited with such a simple purchase because for some reason, at least here in Singapore, the only colour choices I...

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Let’s Build a Hackintosh – 2017 Skylake Build (Part 1)

Being utterly dismayed with the gimmicky touch bar in the new line of MacBook Pros and its utter lack of functional ports (I won’t even be able to directly charge my iPhone 7 with it) despite its premium price tag, I’ve finally opened up to the idea of building...

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MacOS Sierra

Running MacOS Sierra on a late 2009 Macbook White Unibody

The 13th major release of OSX macOS, Sierra, has been officially out for almost 4 months. As usual, I waited it out this long before attempting to install it in my ‘mature’ (but nonetheless very productive) late 2009 Unibody MacBook White — just to make sure that apple get their...

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