Caffeinate, Create, Sleep, Repeat.

June 26: Playeur Party!

What better way to celebrate mid-week than to attend the Playeur VIP party @ Bellini Room… Mr. Thomas Clearly got lucky with not one but two hot Russian chix. YAY!

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My First GOLF Issue

After settling all the stuff for GOLF (July 08 issue) we finished at about 10pm and I terribly needed a drink, it’s a good thing Tristan joined our ranks and helped me binge my way to a great weekend with several pints of Guinness.

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June 6: Butter Factory

Sweaty bodies, booming bass, boozing, good-looking peeps enjoying a Friday night.What is it with Tommy and Russian chicks? Developing a fondness for them aren’t we?

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008 – Recurring Encounter

“Damien, would you do me a favor and accompany me back home?” It felt a little bit out of line but I guess I owe Jess that much. “OK, anything to help cheer you up Jess.” It feels so awkward sitting beside somebody inside a cab without uttering a...

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007 – Revelations

“Bleep”Mojo Joe-Jo says:Where were you man…. you ass. “Bleep”DAM(ie)NI had the most interesting banter with Maia over lunch “Bleep”Mojo Joe-Jo says:we know… we saw you guys in that joint on our way back to the office “Bleep”DAM(ie)Noh.. ic… what did Jess say? “Bleep”Mojo Joe-Jo says:she’s really upset man… I...

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