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Let’s Build a Hackintosh – 2017 Skylake Build (Part 1)

Being utterly dismayed with the gimmicky touch bar in the new line of MacBook Pros and its utter lack of functional ports (I won’t even be able to directly charge my iPhone 7 with it) despite its premium price tag, I’ve finally opened up to the idea of building...

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MacOS Sierra

Running MacOS Sierra on a late 2009 Macbook White Unibody

The 13th major release of OSX macOS, Sierra, has been officially out for almost 4 months. As usual, I waited it out this long before attempting to install it in my ‘mature’ (but nonetheless very productive) late 2009 Unibody MacBook White — just to make sure that apple get their...

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How to (almost) Always get the Best Deal for Your Design Projects

Many clients think that there’s a secret language they need to speak or that there’s a ‘clique’ they need to be part of in order to cut decent deals with freelancers. As cool as how that may sound like, it’s actually just a matter of managing proper expectations. From my experience, the...

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[For Sale] Studio Unit @ Centropolis Communities – Low-rise Condo in Alabang-Sucat Area

Studio Unit, 19.25 sqm – P1.5M Be the first to occupy the unit. In pristine, ready-to-move-in condition. For more info or to schedule for viewing please contact About Centropolis Communities Centropolis Communities is a one-hectare self-contained community located at the center of major business and commercial districts of Makati,...

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Project Management Triangle

Fast, Good and Cheap

  I bet that you’ve already read from somewhere the definition of a Project Mangement Triangle, where you have three desirable project traits: Fast, Good and Cheap but can only pick two. From a contractor perspective, it would often be the most profitable to win a project that lies within the  Good+Fast corner of the spectrum. On...

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