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MacOS Sierra

Running MacOS Sierra on a late 2009 Macbook White Unibody

The 13th major release of OSX macOS, Sierra, has been officially out for almost 4 months. As usual, I waited it out this long before attempting to install it in my ‘mature’ (but nonetheless very productive) late 2009 Unibody MacBook White — just to make sure that apple get their...

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How to (almost) Always get the Best Deal for Your Design Projects

Many clients think that there’s a secret language they need to speak or that there’s a ‘clique’ they need to be part of in order to cut decent deals with freelancers. As cool as how that may sound like, it’s actually just a matter of managing proper expectations. From my experience, the...

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[For Sale] Studio Unit @ Centropolis Communities – Low-rise Condo in Alabang-Sucat Area

Studio Unit, 19.25 sqm – P1.5M Be the first to occupy the unit. In pristine, ready-to-move-in condition. For more info or to schedule for viewing please contact About Centropolis Communities Centropolis Communities is a one-hectare self-contained community located at the center of major business and commercial districts of Makati,...

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Project Management Triangle

Fast, Good and Cheap

  I bet that you’ve already read from somewhere the definition of a Project Mangement Triangle, where you have three desirable project traits: Fast, Good and Cheap but can only pick two. From a contractor perspective, it would often be the most profitable to win a project that lies within the  Good+Fast corner of the spectrum. On...

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OS X El Capitan

Running OS X El Capitan on a late 2009 Macbook White Unibody (Part 2)

Okay… so I finally went on to install El Capitan. Downloading and installation went smoothly, no unforeseen errors at all. I guess waiting on the fence for a few weeks after its official launch really paid off. Wacom Driver Incompatibility During the initial setup/installation process, the OS did catch an...

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